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At the End of the Rainbow (Part II)

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At the End of the Rainbow (Part II)

Published 1946

Sponsored film promoting ultraviolet light: its history, physics and health-giving properties.

Run time 11:46
Producer Handy (Jam) Organization
Sponsor Sun-Kraft Corporation
Audio/Visual Sd, C



Ken Smith sez: This is a film about ultraviolet light and, specifically, the Sun-Kraft UV Lamp Company. The Sun-Kraft UV lamp is an unusual product -- a lamp with no filament that is activated by a blob of mercury and radio waves(!). While the last five minutes of this film has some unusual visuals -- a kid getting a UV tube shoved into his mouth and a naked baby wearing goggles while being exposed to UV's "beneficent rays" -- the bulk of this production is pretty dull. For additional UV lamp worship, see The Light In Your Life.

Elaborate and dangerous promotional film for Sun-Kraft UV sun lamps. Touted as antibacterial and otherwise healthful; infant wears goggles while bathing in sun lamp's rays; woman is told to apply cream to the skin peeling which occurs with the use of the lamp. Man admires his "healthy" red skin after using the lamp. A number of skin diseases are featured.
"Mankind's age old treasure hunt: the search for health and vitality in the beneficient rays of the sun."
On UV rays:
"They increase the sense of well-being, and alertness of mind and act as a tonic in the winter months. They are as natural and necessary for the skin as cleanliness and fresh air. Ultra-violet rays improve the health of the skin. And a healthy skin is a beautiful skin."
explanation that ultra-violet rays kill bacteria;
Use of ultra-violet rays. Measuring wavelengths of light by angstrom units explained
Medical uses of ultra-violet therapy. UV therapy is used to treat rickets. Discovery of vitamin D
Stock shots:
Depictions of ancient civilizations and their worship of the sun. Egyptian reliefs, Greek solariums, bust of Hippocrates.
Isaac Newton shown causing light to pass through a prism and break up into component colors of light.
animation of rainbow.
Animation: spectrum, visible rays, ultra-violet and infra-red rays.
dog whistle; boy and his dog collie;beach and many sunbathers. ocean waves. smokestacks
carbon arc lamp with quartz lens.
lupus vulgaris (disfiguring skin disease) is treated with UV
Children with rickets; children playing on playground equipment; children playing on beach.
Ferns, chlorophyll pigment;
Animated sequence of skin being acted upon by UV rays and the formation of Vitamin D; animation of skeletal and vascular system
Frank Furady (sp?) inventor of a UV ray generator that uses quartz.
quartz is worked by hand with a torch and formed into bulbs that will generate UV rays.
factory shots; piece of quartz with a drop of mercury rolling inside it.
Goggles are packed along with sun lamp.
Bizarre and dangerous: Man is shown sitting next to sun lamp. He is shown enjoying his sunburn in the mirror the next morning.
UV ray generator used to kill airborne bacteria in operating room.
Laboratory rats watch one rat develop rickets. Its brother remains healthy through Vitamin D exposure.
In army, soldiers use powerful UV lamps to expose their entire bodies to UV rays.
Full color shots of these skin diseases and ailments: impetigo; pschosis (sp?) (barber's itch) ulcers and wounds that refuse to heal; psoriasis and acne.
an infant (in goggles!) is shown being exposed to UV lamp rays over its entire naked little body.
A woman is advised to use Sun-Kraft skin cream to stop the usual peeling that may place after use of this lamp.
Sun-Kraft factory
family looking happily out of window.

Sunset over lake
People on crowded beach with umbrellas. People sunbathing, applying lotion.
Sun shines through clouds.
Hand turns pages of book. Pictures of: Egyptian kings in stone, Roman solarium, Hippocrates, Newton
Graphic of Newton separating light beam into composite colors.
Rainbow (good shot)
Color spectrum
Boy lying on floor with collie dog takes dog whistle from box.
Boy blows dog whistle. (ultrasonics)
CU collie perks up ears (good shot)
Ocean surf breaking. Pebble in pool of still water creates concentric circles.
Bacteria under microscope
Test tube on stand
Smokestacks belching smoke
Family bundled up in winter coats and hats enters door of house.
Children at the beach ride on playground turning rides. Children play in sand.
Irradiation of milk
Graphic of human skeleton
CU of a potted fern plant
Unhappy boy bounces ball on steps of front porch
Graphic of human torso showing bones and nervous system.
Man at work bench works on electrical equipment
Ultraviolet sun lamps. Sun-Kraft plant facade.
Pile of quartz tubes
Lab worker melting a quartz (glass) tube over a Bunsen burner. Glassblowing. Vacuum tubes being made. Mercury drop rides back and forth inside glass tube.
Woman worker wires an ultraviolet sun lamp. Assembly line workers, electronic equipment.
Man with protective goggles sits next to sun lamp (good shot).
Man dresses in suit and tie and primps in front of full length mirror, looking pleased with himself.
Microscopis shot of bacteria. Blood circulating.
Two doctors set up an IV with irradiated blood (good shot).
CU hands wearing rubber gloves.
Man with mouth open (very strange).
Operating room: surgeons or doctors operating on patient
Man and woman in living room.
Two laboratory rats in circular wire cage. One healthy rat, one sick rat.
hands turn knobs on control panel.
Man without shirt stands before ultra-violet sun lamp. 3 men do the same.
CU book "Handbook of Physical Therapy" CU type.
CU VS skin diseases
Woman exposes naked infant to ultraviolet light. Baby wears goggles.
Woman applies skin cream to face, puts on goggles, and sits before sun lamp.
Man lying under sun lamp.
Hand draws model of sun lamp.
Man stands at open window and smiles at sunshine. Wife and daughter join him. They smile up at something. Shot is framed by window (good shot).



Reviewer: carl willis - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 10, 2009
Subject: Interesting history and technical details
I got a Sun-Kraft lamp at a flea market a year or so ago, and found this video by way of an Internet search for details. The video is quite entertaining to watch, especially the glassblower making the quartz discharge tubes, the line workers assembling the electronics, and of course the explanation of the vintage science that largely drove the lamp's popularity as a domestic appliance.

Of course, it's understood today that quartz-mercury lamps like this produce mostly very damaging UVC radiation and not much UVB (desired for tanning and rickets prevention). So those people who want to use a Sun-Kraft for tanning or "medical" purposes are getting on the Skin Cancer Express. These are really very dangerous if used as advertised half a century ago, so take the medical message from the video with a grain of salt.

A few technical details about the lamp from my own experience: it does use shortwave RF energy (~15 watts, at 18 MHz) developed by a push-pull Class-C vacuum tube oscillator in the lamp base that is driven off unrectified, unfiltered 115-VAC line voltage. Tube filament power is inefficiently obtained with a beefy wirewound dropping resistor right off the line, and this is responsible for most of the power consumption in the circuit. The quartz discharge tube in the head is capacitively coupled to the high-impedance open feeders that come out of the oscillator in the base. When the lamp is turned on, it takes about ten seconds for the tubes to warm up and RF power to be produced. At this point the blue mercury discharge ignites and a stench of ozone fills the air in front of the bulb. If you have trouble getting your lamp to start, try repositioning the feeders and make sure the metal strip along the back of the quartz tube is in good contact with it. It is safe to touch the lamp electrodes during operation, but you might get a small RF burn.

The lamps are good for making ozone, for sterilizing the living shit out of cutting boards and the like, for neutralizing bathroom odors, for exciting fluorescent minerals and uranium glass, etc. But again...if you are using a Sun-Kraft for irradiation of a person, you're a bonehead and that's all there is to it. Be safe!
Reviewer: Moeyoeyoe - favorite - February 4, 2008
Subject: Most of you are Wrong
I have had one of these Sun Kraft UV lights for the last 25 years, and for all you people who know so much by reading propaganda , I am sorry to say but you are a sad bunch, In the last week I have Purchased 4 more of these lamps from ebay, to give them to family and close friends..This UVl lamp is incredable I have "healed" hot spots on all of my 4 Chows on Hematomahs on their ears after they would fight, after spending hunderds of dollars with Vets that could not prevail, I have healed acne on my 7 year olds face when she was 7 and now is 25 years old.I have experimented hundreds of times killing other bacteria, Just this week i found BLACK MOLD in my first fl bathroom ang Grage the Plumber said I need a Bio hazzard company in to take care of it because it was indeed black mold ,but in TWO days every bit of mold was GONE!!!.thanks to sun kraft
My Father was a Plumber for 50 years and I was as well for a long time, my Father had Operations on both knees for water on the knee, he couldent walk and certianly couldent work before the operations, for my self me knees had been so bad for so long and sometimes to painful to what I did was treat my knees with this lamp for over a months and my knees are just fine...I could go on and on about this lamp it has taken away pain from many people in my life , it has healed infections over night, my Daughterts boy friend had a infection on his big toe nail area, it was oozing geen puss I convinced him before going to the emergency let me treat it with the lamp, I did and in two days his toe was healed.
The reason I wrote this is because I was so angry with all you experts who determined the validity of this amazing lamp from the comfort of ear plugs and a blinder on... You people who think you are so intelligent know nothing...I can imaging the state of your lives telling every one around you how good and bad things are.I really hope none of you are parents that give your kids advise...I can see you telling your kids it is ok to cross against a red light during traffic hours.
When I said I can go on and on...seriously i can, if any of you doubt it buy one[ if you can find one] and try it for your self.
Reviewer: thefoxna - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 21, 2006
Subject: troll
last laugh your just such an idiot. I cant believe your stupidity.
and O2 actually make you age, your DNA oxidizes and deteriates hense we become old. And cancer is human cells, they live off O2, they need it, not die from it.
Reviewer: LaserPotato - favoritefavoritefavorite - July 20, 2004
Subject: Still trolling, Lastlaugh?
Reviewer: lastlaugh - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 3, 2003
Subject: Sun Kraft Cold Quartz Ultraviolet Lamp
Cancer is a bacteria that lives without air. Oxygen kills it. So does UV.

All 130 diseases of mystery origin that the US is plagued with, are similar anaerobic bacteria. The SAINTS who made this lamp and wanted the poor to have it, are a vanished breed who cared about mankind's health. They have been replaced by a myth weilding AMA, ferengi's in white coats with large money-making obsessions. UV causes cancer? I think not, thats to scare you away from the natural source of keeping yourself healthy, the sun, or these lamps if you want to get even better exposure.

2 Nobel prize winners discovered independently, with a HUGE microscope to view LIVING cells (all modern scopes view DEAD cells killing with radiation as part of their setup) - the tiny, everpresent bacteria found in all animals and man, previously never seen. They were blackballed from their scientific careers. ANOTHER nobel doctor in the 1960s Otto Warzburg proved CANCER CANNOT live in oxygen's presence, it hates oxygen. We get cancer when we have a breathing problem, a polluted city to breath in, stay indoors too much never getting fresh air, or never go in the sun to get the UV benefit of killing off bacteria in us. NOT ONLY do these lamps give off bacteria-cidal UV rays, they produce OZONE, (same as thunderstorms do), electrified oxygen that KILLS anaerobic bacteria AS WELL, plus fungus, molds, etc. So people, laugh hard and laugh well, But I'll be laughing when you all pay your money for your lives to the AMA Ferengi who squashed this invention on PURPOSE to keep their jobs lucrative.

Good picture to sum it up for ya: Who gets the clean air and who doesnt?
Further AMA squashing subject: any search engine: Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, 1939. "The End to all Diseases" (lab burned, harassed by AMA, first builder of such a large microscope).
Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 2, 2003
Subject: Medical Quackery at it's finest
Oh my god.
This film, which trumpets the use of a new invention by Sun-Krafft that will 'use the health-giving rays of ultra-violet to you at home' is a scary SCARY little film. The first half is pretty much a scientific mumbo-jumbo about what Ultra-violet light is, and it's 'medical benefits' but the 2nd half if gonzo, with Sun-Kraft's invention of the home-use Ultraviolet ray thing which can be used to cure everything from rickets to acne! Scary scenes of people standing way too close to these machines (even with goggles on (which made me giggle) are shown. It's even explained that the reddening of the skin, or um, sunburn, has it's medicinal effects. What? What? Do I hear the words SKIN CANCER? No wonder Sun-Kraft are no longer in business.
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